[Sheldon & Penny] He’s the air I would kill to breathe. (AU) (by BazingaIsTheNewSexy)

"Sheldon has to get me into bed.. bet you’d never thought I’d say that!"

If you have any ideas for some shenny gifsets, my askbox is yours :)

New theme! Yeah :)

Shenny parallel - 1x04 // 6x24


Jim Parsons walking his dogs, Otis and Rufus, in NYC.

(featured in his Who Do You Think You Are episode)

Shenny - 7x02 “The Deception Verification”

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That’s why i love Shenny…there is no any logical reason…it’s just happening when you are looking at them together…it is right here…and it is the only one thing that can not be prove from the scientific point))

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The day when they decide to put Sheldon and Penny together…tumblr is going to explode….. All the shenny fans are going to be bouncing off the walls :) Waiting for that day :)